La venganza se sirve con el techno de UKKA

Ukka Revenge EP ONESELF.jpg

Revenge EP by Ukka | ONESELF. 003|  Press release written by Vanity Dust

ONESELF.’s third release turns slightly from its mind-forward thinking minimal to techno’s strength, and it does so for a very special reason: Ukka’s new adding to the team. The Buenos Aires producer has been an active dj and producer for more than seven years now, and his constant pursuit to finding his very own identity in the studio is what brought ONESELF. and Ukka to work together.

Friends and Revenge, the new 2 original tracks by Ukka, sound as powerful as a windy hailstone storm blitzing the crowd in an open air party. Dancing to Wibgert’s Revenge remix can be as energizing as being treated by the needles of an acupuncture’s master.

Both Ukka and Wigbert, like friends who share their deepest secrets, have a common vision of what techno can be: distorted melodies, encompassed bass and stretchy noise effects that have a physical effect in your spine, making it buzz while your mind awakes in search of stronger emotions.

German dj and producer Wigbert talent for remixes can be noticed in what he’s done in recent years for Pan-Pot or Gregor Tresher, and this time is not an exception. More than 15 years developing his career, Wigbert has a unique method to combine studio machines with his personal arrangements: a way to create tracks that sound alive and mechanic, unpredictable as free human beings but consistent and powerful as analog machines are.

Ukka, whose real name is Lucas Barrionuevo, has released, previously to ONESELF. Friends EP, more than 20 references since his debut in 2011. His tracks have appeared in labels such as the Brooklyn’s based Inmotion Music or Amsterdam’s rooted Click Records. Clubbers around the world have become familiar with his tracks’ vibe, especially when artists like Dubfire or Richie Hawtin have included them in their acclaimed sets.

ONESELF. invites you to play and celebrate what our new friends have delivered: Ukka and Wigbert’s talent comes to enlarge the party and make it last longer. No need for revenge, everyone’s welcome.

Friendship redoubleth joys, and cutteth griefs in half.

— Francis Bacon