London, the end of the week


Ok mates. I'm so sorry for those spanish readers who won't understand what i'm gonna write, but I think that if I'm in london I have to write 1 post in English. I'm leaving London next monday, I still have the weekend, wich is, obviously, the best part of the week. I've met a nice girl called Clara. I've made some shopping with her. She has studied psicology so she is quite intelligent. I bought some gadgets to my family. One trendy bag for my mum and one agenda decorated with camera motives to my dad. It has been cheaper than I expected, so i'm happy about it. I went with Clara holding his hand in the street, that's pretty cool. Now she's gone to work so I'm at home relaxing and preparing myself for the crazy night we're gonna spent with John and his friend. I've bought also a nice shirt at Fred Perry for 40€ on sale. Nice, I'm a fashionable guy, yo know. Vanity. I think I'm gonna stop writing because most of you won't understand a shit. ¿will you?

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