Ataraxia Trend, Xosar and a Love Story

Aprovecho la llegada de mi primer pedido de camisetas Ataraxia para publicar la impecable y excelentísima traducción de Sergio Espinosa al inglés del texto original en el que contaba una de las anécdotas fundacionales del sello. Los capos, Alexis y Raquel, andan constantemente trajinando planes para desarrollar la criatura ( Ataraxia irá mucho más allá del diseño de camisetas, que ya de por sí son joyas de artistas de pro en exclusiva, como la negra, diseñada por La ortopedia del manco). Feliz como una pija de Pedralbes coqueteando con su monitor de mindfulness en el cojín.
If I think about how I ended up going to the MIRA festival with Alexis and Raquel, which finished its three-day jamboree with the marvelous DJ Xosar, coincidences go, multiply themselves and burst into an epic party. I had lost track of Mister Alexis a few years ago. I hadn’t heard of him since the legendary Time Warp festival – I actually wrote my first review for Vicious about that festival around 2010.  Then I ran into him after all these years at Moog. The club was about to close for the night and Ángel Molina was playing one of his sets. We talked, he introduced me to Raquel and a few days went by until we met again. Back then he already told me about a new project he was working on like crazy and that would combine several interests of his and Raquel’s. Both of them created Ataraxia, focusing on fashion, on parties, on nice barbecues around the world… (just as an introduction to their ideas!).
When we saw Xosar closing the Lolita room in Razzmatazz, Raquel and Alexis were so anxious, but good anxious. They had brought an Ataraxia cap for her, and they wanted to take a picture. “Come on, Raquel, she’s about to finish!” The hustle and bustle there was like the one created by the first woman arriving at the mall the first day of sales. And just then Alexis realizes he doesn’t have an appropriate camera to immortalize the moment. So I grab my shiny new iPhone to take part in that great moment of them. Xosar, who presented a breathtaking set, was however incredibly shy with Raquel posing next to her. It looked quite well, but not with much light though. When I checked their pics, I saw Alexis had taken almost 400; that’s more than the frames a Pixar movie has. We did what we could to make them brighter – you can check the result at the beginning of this post.
Together with Raquel and Alexis I have learnt so much about new music and new references. And most importantly, a brand new friendship has been struck up; we are party buddies and real buddies – all in a perfect loop that not even the best Ableton can reproduce.
There’s no doubt. We live hard times nowadays, but Ataraxia are off to a good start and their performance will be even better. They have the best tunes and their two managers are so good they deserve their own poster. Guys, Vanity wishes you the best possible future and promises to be in each one of your parties – though I am afraid I will need to send a spy to your next party in Sweden if I want to cover the story.
Their website (under construction) and their Facebook page.
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